Duke Gardens & Visitor Center

JDSfaulkner Project-Duke Gardens

While serving as an Owner’s Representative working internally with Duke University, JDSfaulkner’s Tommy Faulkner managed the development of several new structures over a five year period of time including the timber framed Visitor Center, double Greenhouse Structures, Amphitheater Office Structure, Parking Lots and Pedestrian Bridges. The artists that were employed included Francis Vega for the metal works in the Visitor Fountain and AOLB for the Architectural design of the new center. The creativity that the  team was able to express on these projects shows through in the smallest of details whether the placement of Duke Stone boulders or the exacting dimension of the limestone on the pedestrian bridge. It is an honor to be a part of such a historic property on the Duke University grounds.

***Member(s) of the Leadership team at JDSfaulkner completed this project while with a previous firm

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