NCSU Carter-Finley Stadium

JDSfaulkner Project-Carter Finley Stadium

This was the first project in which JDSfaulkner’s Tommy Faulkner was able to fully utilize the team’s broad range of engineering and construction expertise to deliver a project of incredible quality under extreme schedule demands and under budget. Mr. Faulkner was formally contracted to perform Agency CM, Inspections, and CMT services for the replacement of Carter-Finley Field for North Carolina State University. This project consisted of removal of 36” of soil overburden— including the crown in the center of the field— replacement of old drainage, and installation of new drainage, irrigation, and sod. The new field has a minimal slope and allows for the rapid drainage of runoff throughout the field before being conveyed away from it. The JDSfaulkner team worked closely with the project team in maintaining control over very tight tolerances of materials and workmanship in an effort to be certain the field would perform as designed. In addition, the team processed and addressed charge orders, RFIs, pay applications, and designed the Sedimentation and Erosion Control Plan. This project is a source of pride for the JDSfaulkner team as a NC State Engineering Alum and for Wolfpack fans everywhere.

***Member(s) of the Leadership team at JDSfaulkner completed this project while with a previous firm

This project received the American Council of Engineering Companies of North Carolina (ACEC)

2011 Engineering Excellence Award for our work on this project.

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