Raleigh Convention Center

JDSfaulkner Project-Raleigh Convention Center

Working in collaboration with Heery International, JDSfaulkner’s Tommy Faulkner (while at a previous firm) managed and provided a full facility condition analysis for structural engineering, civil engineering, and building envelope design services for the Raleigh Convention Center and Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts buildings.  Our team began with a detailed analysis of the as-built drawings, as well as the original design drawings. Based on our understanding of the building design and as-built conditions. We conducted interviews with facility staff to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of the individual systems we were asked to assess. Additionally, we analyzed the structures for modernization including green designs such as solar energy, geothermal energy, rainwater capture, gray water systems, and more. A final report of our findings was delivered to City of Raleigh staff.

***Member(s) of the Leadership team at JDSfaulkner completed this project while with a previous firm

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