UNC Chapel Hill Research Building

JDSfaulkner Project-UNC Imaging Center

As a result of the work done by JDSfaulkner’s Tommy Faulkner at the Center for Human Genetics, the team was selected to perform Special Inspections and Materials Testing for the Imaging Research Building, which boasts some of the world’s brightest minds in cancer research. The team began by providing “Construction Geotechnical Engineering” services for mass excavation of rock, installation of soldier piles, blasting/vibration analysis, installation of tie-back systems, and rerouting of utilities. The structural systems designed to accommodate specialized medical equipment will include: mat foundations, cast-in-place columns, beams, and floor slabs with thickened sections. As Special Inspector of Record, Mr. Faulkner led his team in providing NDT and CWI services as well as inspection of cast-in-place concrete foundations, foundation walls, columns, shear walls, slabs, masonry, spray fireproofing, underground utility installations, and mechanical piping. The Imaging Research Building has become a part of an overall cancer research facility of which all citizens of North Carolina can be proud.

***Member(s) of the Leadership team at JDSfaulkner completed this project while with a previous firm

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