Waltonwood Lake Boone retirement living community Commercial project

Waltonwood Lake Boone

We were hired to perform as-built inspections, as well as to provide truss reviews, analyses and recommendations for the Waltonwood Lake Boone retirement living community.

JDSfaulkner Project-Durham Justice Center

Durham Justice Center

Durham Justice Center: A new eleven-story, 298,500-square-foot Courthouse and 900-car parking deck with public plaza located in historic downtown Durham.  The Justice Building is now connected to the existing detention center with a secure, at grade connection for transportation of detainees to the new courthouse. The new building is registered with the USGBC with the goal of LEED® Gold certification.

As Principal in Charge and Special-Inspector-of-Record, JDSfaulkner’s Tommy Faulkner assembled a full quality assurance (QA) team to deliver all of the required inspections necessary for this new Justice Building and Parking Deck for Durham County. The team formed a partnership with AMEC whose responsibility was the role of CMT agent. A project of this magnitude deserved a team that could boast the experience and credentials of both multiple QA firms. The team assembled was successful in assisting in the redesign of the foundation system which has saved Durham County over $1 million in construction costs. Sub-consultants serving on the team included Mulkey Engineers & Consultants providing structural consultation, RMF Engineering providing MEP inspections, and RJA providing fire protection inspections.

***Member(s) of the Leadership team at JDSfaulkner completed this project while with a previous firm

JDSfaulkner Project-Green square complex

Green Square Complex

This two-block, multi-use sustainable development project encompassed over 325,000 square feet and includes a four-story Nature Research Center to expand the existing NC Museum of Natural Sciences, office space for over 900 NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources employees, and a 700-space parking deck

Working in collaboration with two separate design teams on the Green Square Project, JDSfaulkner’s Tommy Faulkner served as principal in charge and special inspector of record for the special inspections and construction materials testing on this project. The program included testing and inspection of the superstructures, including concrete, structural steel, masonry, spray-fireproofing, and more. In addition, Mr. Faulkner and his designees provided roofing and building envelope consultations and performed envelope inspections on the green roof terrace and the iconic Daily Planet. Finally, the team managed leak testing for wall systems, and designed structural supports and performed breakage assessments for the lobby LCD ribbon through a collaborative approach with the North Carolina State Construction Office to verify the safety of various constructed elements.

***Member(s) of the Leadership team at JDSfaulkner completed this project while with a previous firm

JDSfaulkner Project-Carter Finley Stadium

NCSU Carter-Finley Stadium

This was the first project in which JDSfaulkner’s Tommy Faulkner was able to fully utilize the team’s broad range of engineering and construction expertise to deliver a project of incredible quality under extreme schedule demands and under budget. Mr. Faulkner was formally contracted to perform Agency CM, Inspections, and CMT services for the replacement of Carter-Finley Field for North Carolina State University. This project consisted of removal of 36” of soil overburden— including the crown in the center of the field— replacement of old drainage, and installation of new drainage, irrigation, and sod. The new field has a minimal slope and allows for the rapid drainage of runoff throughout the field before being conveyed away from it. The JDSfaulkner team worked closely with the project team in maintaining control over very tight tolerances of materials and workmanship in an effort to be certain the field would perform as designed. In addition, the team processed and addressed charge orders, RFIs, pay applications, and designed the Sedimentation and Erosion Control Plan. This project is a source of pride for the JDSfaulkner team as a NC State Engineering Alum and for Wolfpack fans everywhere.

***Member(s) of the Leadership team at JDSfaulkner completed this project while with a previous firm

This project received the American Council of Engineering Companies of North Carolina (ACEC)

2011 Engineering Excellence Award for our work on this project.

JDSfaulkner Project-Duke Gardens

Duke Gardens & Visitor Center

While serving as an Owner’s Representative working internally with Duke University, JDSfaulkner’s Tommy Faulkner managed the development of several new structures over a five year period of time including the timber framed Visitor Center, double Greenhouse Structures, Amphitheater Office Structure, Parking Lots and Pedestrian Bridges. The artists that were employed included Francis Vega for the metal works in the Visitor Fountain and AOLB for the Architectural design of the new center. The creativity that the  team was able to express on these projects shows through in the smallest of details whether the placement of Duke Stone boulders or the exacting dimension of the limestone on the pedestrian bridge. It is an honor to be a part of such a historic property on the Duke University grounds.

***Member(s) of the Leadership team at JDSfaulkner completed this project while with a previous firm

JDSfaulkner Project-UNC Imaging Center

UNC Chapel Hill Research Building

As a result of the work done by JDSfaulkner’s Tommy Faulkner at the Center for Human Genetics, the team was selected to perform Special Inspections and Materials Testing for the Imaging Research Building, which boasts some of the world’s brightest minds in cancer research. The team began by providing “Construction Geotechnical Engineering” services for mass excavation of rock, installation of soldier piles, blasting/vibration analysis, installation of tie-back systems, and rerouting of utilities. The structural systems designed to accommodate specialized medical equipment will include: mat foundations, cast-in-place columns, beams, and floor slabs with thickened sections. As Special Inspector of Record, Mr. Faulkner led his team in providing NDT and CWI services as well as inspection of cast-in-place concrete foundations, foundation walls, columns, shear walls, slabs, masonry, spray fireproofing, underground utility installations, and mechanical piping. The Imaging Research Building has become a part of an overall cancer research facility of which all citizens of North Carolina can be proud.

***Member(s) of the Leadership team at JDSfaulkner completed this project while with a previous firm

JDSfaulkner Project-Del Webb Lifestyle Center

Del Webb Lifestyle Center

For the Del Webb Lifestyle Center, JDSfaulkner reviewed the existing plans and provided a life safety plan design and load analysis for compliance with the 2012 NC Building Code.

JDSfaulkner Project-Audubon retaining wall

Audubon Retaining Wall

While at JDSfaulkner, we were hired to design, test and certify the Audubon Apartments retaining wall in Cary, NC. Our engineering team worked with the supplier and contractor to provide a cost effective and eye-pleasing design. Once construction commenced our field team performed routine inspections to monitor the installation so that we could provide the final certification report for the wall.

JDSfaulkner Project-Paradise Cove Amenities Center

Paradise Cove Amenities Center

From JDSfaulkner, this is one of our many above grade pre-cast concrete designs the we were contracted to do through Superior Walls of NC. We were provided the architectural plans and the pre-engineered truss plans. It was our task to design the foundation system including the perimeter walls and concrete lintels as well as the slab foundation and interior footing support. The pictures above show the finished amenities center as well as some parts of the installation process. We currently work for Superior Walls of NC for projects all over the region.

JDSfaulkner Project-Go Sign shop sculpture

Go Sign Shop Sculpture

We had the pleasure of assisting Go Sign Shop achieve an approved permit for their modern art sculpture, intersecting metal rings on a concrete base. Our team successfully created a structurally approved design for permitting.